8 Weeks, 7 Steps to Food Freedom – A Group Program

Are you thinking about food all the time, or more often than you’d like?

Is your relationship with food one filled with fear and confusion; fear that what you eat will simply worsen your symptoms, keeping you from moving forward?

Using my highly acclaimed book as a guide, you will learn the 7 proven steps for freeing yourself from what can seem like a lifetime of frustrating weight management strategies and an often confusing and fear based relationship with food and your body.

Few experiences are as empowering as working together with a group of people who share both your frustrations and goals. In a small, supportive group setting, we will use my book, The Freedom Promise, as a foundation and a template for discussion.

Each session will focus on one of the steps in the powerful transformation of your relationship with eating to one that is joyous, loving, healthy and free. You will learn to stop fearing what food will do to you and embrace what it can do for you … as we work through a process that includes identifying what you need to feel whole, learning to manage your stress, separating true hunger and satiety from other wants and needs, and learning to care for yourself in a loving, healthful way.

We will meet weekly for 90 minutes to work toward food freedom. Groups are limited to six people.

Are You Hungry For Freedom?

Contact me today and begin the transformation to become the most brilliant version of yourself as you finally experience clarity and lasting change so you can Stop Fearing What Food Will Do TO You and Start Embracing What It Can Do FOR You!