Most people think that once they improve their relationship with food, their life will improve. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. It’s actually the other way around. But this isn’t a reason to feel badly.

Even conventional practitioners, including dietitians, and therapists, get it all wrong. Conventional treatment protocol for eating disorder recovery is that they are all about mental health and symptom management. Treatment is dictated by insurance parameters for weight and recovery outcomes are often unattainable. Moreover, the tools provided to patients are not easily doable outside of the treatment environment. 

For many, the conventional approach hasn’t worked. But by combining my own experience with recovery brought me to a place of knowing that we can and we must do better. It is vital to address what often blocks someone from letting go and moving forward. Lasting recovery is attainable when you reclaim your worthiness and the value you bring to the world. 

How does worthiness play into this? Is your self-worth tied to your weight? Do you feel that you’ll only be lovable if you look a certain way? Often, this is when a person believes she doesn’t deserve to receive that love or is so afraid of failing at achieving her goals they’d rather not try. Another scenario is that her vision of herself is so tied to the identity of the disordered eater, that you fear being without that identity.

Another block could be an unwillingness or inability to accept that recovery can be uncomfortable. It’s mentally and emotionally uncomfortable to face the deep-seated and often traumatic truths that created the story, which plays out as the eating disorder. There will be physical discomfort as well when the body begins to adjust to a new nutritional protocol. My support helps you to understand the roots of the discomfort while putting words to the mental and emotional discomfort so that it can be processed. 

We work together to address the physical discomfort and craft a nutrition plan that addresses your deficiencies while supporting your physical needs. We assess and track your symptoms so all recommendations are appropriate for you. At the same time, we explore your fears as they relate to what food will do to you. 

This mindset is powerful, and it’s often a block to full and lasting recovery. One can operate from a mindset of scarcity, which is rooted in fear and deprivation. This is when you focus on what you don’t or can have and believing that you’re a victim of your circumstances. 

My work guides you to the path of abundance. Abundance means love and gratitude. I lead with empathy and commit to serving you as you experience that true transformation is less about what you do to change and more about what you let go of to be the change you want to see.

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