Are you being held hostage by your emotionally charged behaviors with food? Have you tried everything under the sun to stop the madness but can’t seem to break free?

In this video, I’ll share why unresolved trauma may be the most important thing holding you and an emotional eating pattern and why resolving it is so important to your healing.

When most people try to heal their disordered relationship with eating, they’re often unsuccessful because they’re focused on food instead of what’s driving the urge to eat when they aren’t hungry. Trying yet another diet instead of understanding what’s triggering the compulsive eating, the overeating, the making poor food choices, or just skirting around the real root cause of their eating challenges. It’s often unresolved trauma.

Do you know that physical, psychological, or emotional trauma of any magnitude can affect how your brain is wired? You see, the key here is that healing emotional stress and compulsive overeating can be tough because you may have to deal with unresolved trauma– the parts of your story that are painful to revisit.

This is where food becomes the means to push off on uncomfortable feelings, or negative thoughts we have about ourselves, or even confirm those negative beliefs we have about ourselves.

The cycle of negative thinking can be broken. As we reframe the story and the messaging that became your toxic belief system, the rewiring happens, and this isn’t an overnight fix.

Which is why a lot of healthy eating plans and emotional eating programs fall short because you need the right tools and the right strategies paired with the right guidance and motivating inspiration to feel safe in your body.

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