Are you addicted to dieting because you fear you’re addicted to food? Have you set yourself up to follow a set of food rules because you don’t trust yourself to stop eating when you’ve had enough?

Maybe you don’t even know how to recognize when you’ve had enough. Is your fear of food and fear of your hunger ruling everything in your life to the point where you’ve convinced yourself that you can’t trust your body to make the right decision? I bet you’re fearful of what that decision looks like too.

The conventional approach would tell you to be more disciplined, exert more willpower. So, you use diet as a crutch and continue to deny your hunger and stick to this framework that you’ve invented for yourself. You’ve created unsustainable tension and stress. Trust me when I tell you in this space, you will never be free from a disordered relationship with food.

Are you ready to explore what’s going on in there? Are you ready to take a functional approach to learn how to honor your hunger, understand those cravings, and explore how your body is responding to the food you eat?

My approach will address all this and more as we discover and uncover your true self. detox from the toxic beliefs you have about food and your body and give you tools to live a fully nourished life. we’ll assess your diet and track your symptoms that show up as cravings.

How are you sleeping? How are you moving? Are your relationships nourishing? You’ll learn it’s your misguided beliefs about food and your body that are driving the misinformation that creates a disordered relationship with food and your body, not a lack of willpower.

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