Just like there’s not one pill for health or happiness, the same goes for quick fixes for disordered eating. So let me ask you this: How much of your time and money have you invested in the quick fix?

There are hundreds of nutrition experts, news blogs, and social posts offering the best diet ever. And friends or family claiming they found the holy grail, the latest diet fad that worked for their sister, coworker, or maybe even their SoulCycle instructor’s cousin? 

My nutrition approach starts with one key principle– we are all unique, and your needs are different from mine. And that’s true whether your goals are general wellness, digestive health, weight loss, or eating disorder recovery. There is no one-size-fits-all or all-foods-fit approach to nutrition. It simply does not work. Your genetics, your history, and your digestive systems are all as individualized as your fingerprint. 

My mission is to help you tap into the food and lifestyle that’s optimal for you. That means getting to know yourself better than you ever thought you could.  That’s where the answers come from. You pay attention to yourself. Listen deeply to the signs and signals from your body and your mind. Keep a journal and be honest with yourself.

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