Weight loss is about so much more than eating less and exercising more. So if you’re following the diet and working out yet the scale isn’t budging or if it’s moving way too slow, then something deeper is going on. 

Resistant weight loss is not normal. Your doctor is most likely telling you it is simply a function of genetics, aging, maybe monthly hormonal changes, or daily stress. If your parents struggled with weight, you are likely to accept your fate. You’ve been indoctrinated to believe that as you age, your weight will increase.

Mainstream and social media are full of success stories of people just like you eating this and not eating that. You can’t understand why eating less and exercising more are not working for you.

You can’t help believing this is just another time you failed at dieting. But here’s what you need to know. There’s no one size fits all approach to weight loss. 

The power of mindset is amazing. You can’t hate yourself then we’ll get curious about what you truly hunger for, what needs are met, and how the parts of your life leaving you feeling deprived may be impacting your relationship to food. 

Excess weight is a function of your body not using energy efficiently. So exploring what your body is doing with the food that you are eating will uncover food sensitivities and inflammatory conditions that are contributing to the challenge you have. 

You deserve to be empowered with a nutrition plan that is unique to you. You deserve to uncover the root cause that’s showing up as too much weight on your body. A functional approach will test not guess a functional approach will assess and track how your unique biology responds to recommendations and important to ship with you adjust along the way. 

This approach looks at lifestyle factors to how you style in your life, sleep movement, stress management, and relationships all factor into how nourished your life is. You can start believing in your wisdom, experience, and insights. You transform your body and your life when you let go of outdated science and toxic beliefs about food. 

It is where you get to make empowered choices regarding nutrition and lifestyle. It’s these choices that will bring long-term and lasting results. You have not failed, you just haven’t yet experienced the approach that your body will respond to.

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