Trying to break free of disordered eating can be such a struggle. And so many people are at their wit’s end. Because the Do-It -Yourself approach, and even some coaching programs are of no help.

So in this video, I’ll share why this happens and the real cause of your eating challenges that is often overlooked. And it’s not all in your head.

Disordered eating manifests in a multitude of ways. Typically, when people are struggling with eating challenges, they will try to remedy it themselves. They may try crazy diets, the “it” diet of the moment, getting strict with the food they bring into the house, even meditation, mindfulness activities, reading self help books, they may even join coaching programs – only to break down and start the self-sabotaging eating cycle all over again.

But there’s something that so many of these approaches are missing. Do you know that the overeating and even binge eating that’s driven by emotion can be conquered when you discover and explore things like unresolved childhood trauma, subconscious beliefs, and patterns? These are the things that reinforce eating behaviors, and feelings around food. Do you know that it can be as simple as addressing the imbalances that occur as a result of digestive distress and hormonal imbalances? So often, these issues are exactly what’s calling for your attention to be addressed. In order for you to finally free yourself from the eating challenges that have you boxed in and feeling stuck.

You may have heard me before share that sustainable and full recovery from your eating challenges evolves when you explore how, why and when you eat. It requires exploration into what your body is doing with the food you’re eating. That’s when you uncover who you are as an eater, and begin the transformation from very much food will do to you to embracing what it can do for you. You stop feeding your anxiety around food and start living your fully nourished life.

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