Do you feel like you’re at the mercy of your triggers? Are you blindsided by triggering situations or feelings, just when you’re starting to feel good?

Let’s define triggers…

A trigger refers to anything that significantly affects your emotional state, sending you into a cycle of overwhelm and distress. Examples of such a situation could be rejection, challenging beliefs, helplessness, abandonment, grief, and loneliness. Such triggers affect your ability or willingness to stay in the present moment. They stir up specific belief systems, and certainly influence your behaviors. Triggers can be disempowering and consuming. The behaviors that start out as a means for comfort and relief become disempowering and consuming.

If you find yourself turning to or away from food when triggered, in an effort to numb avoid or distract from the uncomfortable feelings. Stay with me here; triggers abound; they can engulf us in a moment’s notice. While we can’t remove the triggers, we can manage them by how we respond.

First, invite an awareness, and catch the belief, thought or action before it starts to erode your resolve. Next, invite curiosity so you can explore the why behind your feelings and belief system and bring compassion into the mix. Honor your need to feel safe, you can learn from this experience. And while every one of you has a story that’s uniquely yours, you can all grow from acknowledging that you have the power to ask the thoughts, feelings and beliefs accompanying the trigger to leave.

Turning to or away from food when facing a triggering emotion or situation seems like a safe and comforting solution in the short term. But you don’t need me to remind you of the long term consequences as they relate to both physiological and psychological impacts to your body, and your well-being. Most of the clients I see have tried to resist their triggers. Have you heard the phrase, “What we resist persists?”

Resisting or suppressing triggering feelings, and avoiding uncomfortable situations always serves to take you further down the rabbit hole of disordered eating and thinking that often leads to beating yourself up. You feel defeated, and perhaps, out of control. And you just can’t understand why the strategies you relied on are not bringing relief or results. Do you think you can create a new narrative for yourself? One that has you embracing the gifts of abundance that’s around you right now? The gifts of willingness like intuition, boundaries, and your voice?

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