People turn to disordered eating because it seems like the best way to deal with a problem. It helps you avoid uncomfortable situations and don’t feel bad. It is like a solution until it becomes its problem, and then you feel like it’s controlling you.

I bet you’ve already been to see a lot of experts because you’re ready for change. You might be seeing your doctor weekly for weight checks and vitals. You might be seeing your therapist twice weekly to talk about the past and ways to navigate the challenges you’re facing.

Your dietitian has given you a meal plan to follow and insists you share meals of her choosing. Yes, you intend to show up, speak your truth, and follow the recommendations. But you’re being told what you need to weigh, what you need to think, and process and what you need to eat.

You believe that once you fix your relationship with food, life will be wonderful. But deep down, your question that’s likely not going to happen with your current approach.

I have a different approach. I believe that your challenges with food go way behind the food aspect. They are much more complicated rooted in your story, your biology, and your gut.

So the disruption to the gut as a result of your restricting, bingeing, and purging could very well be feeding your anxiety. Additionally, this gut dysfunction affects how well you’re breaking down, absorbing, and metabolizing whatever nutrition you’re taking in.

The bottom line is that physiology impacts psychology and psychology impacts physiology. For that relationship is reflected in your relationship to everything else. I want you to know that there was no lasting recovery without empowerment. You become empowered in the choices you make for your life.

When you partner with a practitioner who treats you rather than treating your symptoms, you become empowered when you dissect the feelings and stories that cause pain. A functional approach is heart-centered and soul-centered.

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