Are You Hungry for Freedom?

The Freedom Promise is a system of strategies that nourish rather than punish in an effort to free you from the challenges and obstacles preventing you from living the vibrant life you deserve.

My functional approach will teach you that what you eat is only half the story of good nutrition and overall wellness. The other half is who you are as an eater.

With practical coaching techniques, a positive and compassionate approach, you’ll achieve results that are nourishing and lasting.

I look forward to sharing all I have learned and the framework I developed to help YOU find FREEDOM and peace with food and your body even as you deal with chronic and complex health issues relating to your relationship to and behaviors with food.

The Freedom Promise signature framework will help you:

    • resolve the challenges with weight that are a symptom of your relationship with food, your body and your life
    • learn to let go of and re-frame the negative messages that have you repeating behaviors that no longer serve you,
    • understand how stress impacts your digestion and metabolism
    • explore the aspects of physical, emotional hunger and cravings
    • eat mindfully so you can make empowered and intuitive choices rather than depend on willpower
    • find pleasure in movement instead of punishing exercise
    • create a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan unique to your biology
    • start to surround yourself with what truly nourishes (hint:you won’t find it in the kitchen)
    • realize that true transformation is less about what you DO to change and more about what you let go of in an effort to Be the change.

Private Coaching

We’ll work together for a 3-5 months where you’ll receive structure and support that creates real and lasting results. This private coaching program includes 3 or 4 in person or virtual sessions each month, additional email, text and phone support. You’ll also get a wealth of action steps, worksheets and inspiration to help you implement our work between sessions, as well as discounts on recommended supplementation and essential oils. Referrals for food sensitivity, toxins and metabolic testing are also available.

Are you ready to get curious about who you are as an eater?

Are you ready to engage in recovery that honors both your physiology and  psychology?

Are you ready to re-frame old beliefs and honor your story in a way that transforms your relationship to food, your body and your health?

Group Program — 8 weeks: 7 Steps to Food Freedom

Few experiences are as empowering as working together with a group of women who share both your frustrations and goals. In a small, supportive group setting, we will use my highly acclaimed book, The Freedom Promise: 7 Steps To Stop Fearing What Food Will Do TO You and Start Embracing What It Can Do FOR You as a foundation and a template for discussion.

This program will powerfully transform your relationship with food — from one that is mired in confusion to one that is joyous, loving and free. Together, we’ll examine the limiting beliefs and fears that keep one boxed in a toxic relationship with food; explore not only what to eat but how, why and when to eat; learn how stress impacts our metabolism; and develop a new set of skills to rely on when life gets in the way.

Each group is limited to 6 participants. We will meet weekly for 90 minutes. Included is a copy of The Freedom Promise.