Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching

Using my highly acclaimed book as a guide, you will learn the 7 proven steps for freeing yourself from what can seem like a lifetime of frustrating weight management strategies and an often confusing and fear based relationship with food and your body.

I’ll help guide you through the light of eating disorder recovery, providing support for the moments you feel unsure about how to use your new tools.

I’ll be with you as you redefine and reinvent your new identity as an eater.

I’ll help you stop fearing what food can do to you and start learning to embrace what it can do for you.

This program will be tailored to your individual needs but it includes and is not limited to:

  • One or two hour-long sessions/week to celebrate the victories and navigate the challenges you’re facing as you return to your family, work and social life
  • Daily check-ins to ensure support and accountability
  • Nutritional and lifestyle coaching to reinforce the tools you need to make empowered choices for sustainable recovery
  • Assistance with food shopping and meal planning
  • Shared dining experiences where I will eat with you, in an effort to discover, explore and maintain your newly developing relationship with food

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