ON-DEMAND TRAINING: How To Say Goodbye To Your Disordered Eating For Good
Stop Fearing Food and Start Loving Your Body:

An Unconventional Approach To Say Goodbye To Your Disordered Eating For Good

Join Me To Find The Missing Answers
That May Have Eluded You For So Long

  • WHY my framework is successful: Unlike other programs, we explore how your behaviors and beliefs (about food and your body) are rooted in your genetics, your story, your biology and your gut
  • WHY it’s not just about your emotions: Unless the biological factors are addressed and healed, it’s almost impossible to change your habits and mindset.
  • WHY so many people relapse: Restricting, binging and purging create havoc in your gut (microbiome) where your neurotransmitters are made – and without a healthy gut, your brain functions poorly!
  • HOW restricting eating impacts your willpower: Restricting sets you up for a host of nutritional deficiencies that not only hurt your gut and brain, but also leads to cravings and binging, setting the stage for a vicious cycle of behaviors and feelings.
  • HOW systemic inflammation makes it hard to feel emotionally good: If your body is in a constant state of alert, you won’t have the energy you need to heal.

Meet Mindy Gorman-Plutzer, FNLP, CEPC, CHC

I’m Mindy Gorman-Plutzer, creator of the Freedom Promise and a Functional Nutrition and Eating Psychology coach dedicated to guiding you on the most valuable journey of your life – the one where you get to realize and re-claim the most vibrant version of yourself!

Are you confused about what to eat? Maybe you’re fearful about what food will do to you. Are disordered eating behaviors taking their toll on your well-being, your digestion, your hormones, creating anxiety and interfering with your relationships and day to day productivity? Are such complex health issues steering the confusion, plunging you deeper into the depths of despair and uncertainty?

I’ve created the Freedom Promise because I was where you are. I know that the model for lasting recovery is not one-size-fits-all. I know you want your unique story to be heard. I know you want to feel motivated, empowered and be an active participant in the process.

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