Functional Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coaching

I believe that food is medicine. I believe in eating real food. I believe hunger and our need to move should be honored. I believe that a clean, whole foods diet creates and supports the foundation for good health. I believe that our lifestyle choices directly reflect on such a foundation.

What do you believe?

  • that the “one size fits all”, “all foods fit” philosophy doesn’t work for you?
  • that you can experience a healthy relationship with food?
  • that there’s an easy to navigate nutrition plan that will keep you as vibrant as possible?
  • that your nutrition and lifestyle plan can effectively manage your digestive issues, chronic inflammation, blood sugar and hormone imbalances?
  • that the food you choose and lifestyle skills you practice directly affect your metabolism, mood, well-being, and overall quality of life?
  • that true transformation is less about what you DO to change and more about what you let go of in an effort to BE the change?

I look forward to sharing all I have learned and the blueprint I developed to help YOU find

FREEDOM and peace with food and your body even as you deal with chronic and complex health issues as they relate to your relationship to and behavior with food.

What Do I Mean by Freedom?

freedom |ˈfrēdəm| (noun)

the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint:

  • the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved:
  • the state of being physically unrestricted and able to move easily
  • (freedom from) the state of not being subject to or affected by (a particular undesirable thing
  • the power of self-determination attributed to the will; the quality of being independent of fate or necessity.

FREEDOM is an acronym for my signature framework

Feel the Love!

Rest and Digest!

Eat when you are hungry and stop when you have had enough!

Eat mindfully and with out distraction!

Do something everyday that makes your body feel good!

Only eat food, not products!

Make the effort to look at what truly nourishes you…your relationships, career, spirituality and physical activity.

Which of these steps is keeping you from living your fully nourished life?

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