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7 Steps To Stop Fearing Food

  • DISCOVER why lasting recovery from disordered eating has been elusive for so many people.
  • LEARN why you need a comprehensive framework plus nutritional rebalancing to help you heal completely.
  • UNDERSTAND that the answer doesn’t lie in any sort of “one-size-fits-all” approach nor that an “all-foods-fit-diet” is enough for your body to finally thrive: You have unique biological and emotional factors that need to be rebalanced too!


In This Guide, You’ll Discover…

The Real Reason Why You’re Still Held Hostage

Discover why so many people can’t break free from their “rituals” and fears around food. It’s not because they haven’t tried… it’s because they try to go it alone without the right framework around functional nutrition. And any do-it-yourself approach rarely works if you’re missing this crucial piece of the body-emotion-mindset therapy to heal completely.

Why You Need A Comprehensive Protocol

Coaching hundreds of clients over the last few years, I’ve created a proprietary recovery approach deeply rooted in functional nutrition. And unlike conventional approaches, I know that to address any chronic illness or imbalance (regardless of how it originated), you have to identify & resolve the underlying root causes for longterm success.

Why A “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach Never Works

Having functional medicine training was especially helpful in my own recovery – because functional medicine is all about personalized medicine and remedying a client’s individual needs. That’s why traditional disordered eating recovery programs based on a generic approach can’t deliver the rapid and lasting results my clients enjoy.


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