• Stop fearing what food can do to you and embrace what food can do for you
  • Enjoy Your Fullest Life with Your Full Self
  • It's Not a Dream: You can enjoy eating and achieve a healthy weight and a happy life

Dieting doesn’t work. You know that, right? The proven strategies of the Freedom Promise program will change your relationship with food and your body forever. You’ll reclaim your life as you transform your health, weight and body – and you will love the experience!

I will guide you to find the right lifestyle choices. I will help you make the gradual, lifelong changes that will enable you to reach your current and future health goals. In your first “Breakthrough Session,” we will:

  • Uncover the #1 block that is holding you back from finally achieving sustainable success

  • Identify the one thing you can do immediately to jump start your healthy, happy journey to a fully nourished life

  • Create a plan for success, so you leave with the excitement of knowing exactly what you need so you can Stop Fearing What Food Will Do TO You and Start Embracing What It Can Do FOR You!

You do not have to use food or addictive behaviors to face the day. With my support, you can get off the diet roller coaster and wake up excited about the day ahead. You’ll gain accountability to yourself and a system for living with joy.

I have been where you are (read my story). The Freedom Promise combines my training and my own experience with the recovery tools that freed me from obsessive thoughts and behaviors, and can help you too. You’ll find your healthy transformation easy, flexible and free of deprivation and punishing discipline. You’ll gain control over thoughts and eating behaviors that are destructive to your self-esteem, relationships and productivity. You’ll feel energetic, positive and empowered.

The Freedom Promise will truly transform your life!