Is your self-care routine just another hidden way to sabotage yourself in restrictive eating and living practices? Or are food rules part of your self-care? Do you judge yourself by how good you think your food choices are or how well you’ve managed to restrict yourself? 

Some people confuse self-care with self-indulgence. But self-indulgence is not self-care. It can be hard to have a great relationship with food and self-care because you’re taught crazy things by diet, culture, and even anti-diet culture is full of rules.

The conventional advice continues to insist we eat less or eat differently, and exercise more or differently to achieve the desired weight. And yet, even though the conventional wisdom acknowledges that diets don’t work, it simply introduces a new set of rules that don’t acknowledge your unique nutritional needs. 

A lot of times people have deficiencies that are real issues– gut balance issues, even food intolerances that they’re not aware of. Add to this the deprivation and frustration most of us are feeling after all these months inside. 

Its self-soothing cannot be confused with self-indulgence as a way to practice self-care. My functional approach is to address self-care by honoring that the choices we make for ourselves cannot be a one size fits all business. I guide you to explore the story that has come to define you and your habits and beliefs. My practice is dedicated to helping you transform your relationship with food and your body.

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