I’ve been working with clients since 1995 in an effort to help them address stubborn and resistant behavioral and weight management issues. My client base is often highly motivated by the time I meet them since they’ve tried a lot of what’s out there. While my scope of practice has expanded to include many complex health issues resulting from years of clients’ disordered eating behaviors, others a direct result of hormone and blood sugar imbalance, others a result of chronic inflammation; what has become apparent is that sustainable results have become harder to achieve.

Why is that? I’ve worked with clients all around the world. I see a common theme that it’s increasingly difficult for people to achieve optimal wellness and weight management. Despite having access to first-class gyms, on-line support, a myriad of diets to embrace, supplements, medications and even surgical procedures promising life-changing results, we are a generation that is really struggling.

Why do you suppose?

There are numerous theories and I often address that we need to look at who you are as an eater; in other words, what is feeding the environment within which your symptoms are thriving? I’ve written many blogs relating to the psychology of eating, the impact of hormones, stress, environmental toxins, inflammation, and nutrient deficiencies; but I’m learning it’s one factor that’s proving to be the most important….the gut, otherwise known as the microbiome. Basically, the microbiome is a universe of its own. Your immune system, brain and mood are all largely controlled by this universe, and we are continuing to learn more each day. Actually, your gut sends more messages to your brain than your brain sends to your gut!

It is my experience that we can achieve optimal health, weight management and even mood regulation when we address the imbalances within this gastrointestinal universe.

My work includes powerful steps to correct these problems:

We’ll take a deep dive into the root cause of your symptoms. I’ll help you to embrace nutrition and lifestyle practices to promote healing and recovery, and if your situation calls for it, I will refer you for specific and appropriate lab testing and introduce you to some of the best healers for body work.

Many of you have told me you’ve invested so much of your time and money to find that quick-fix. I truly appreciate all you’ve experienced thus far and now we can go deeper – get to the roots of why you have these challenges. The best news is that you’re not alone. I’m here to help you figure it out.

I invite you to partner with me on what could be the most valuable journey of your life – the one to finding the most brilliant version of yourself. The one that welcomes your best self to the table.

That’s The Freedom Promise!