Are you fed up with endless cycles of dieting, overeating, and feeling out of control around food?

Are you tired of starting yet another diet, afraid that you’ll “blow it” once again with overeating, bingeing, or breaking a “rule”?

Do you feel like you are at the mercy of dieting and that you simply haven’t found the one that is finally melting your fears around your weight and food? 

Well, the truth is… dieting and diet culture are the leading precursors to disordered eating that paves the way to overeating, and food obsession. 

Maybe you’ve already put a lot of effort into working with an emotional eating coach or spending hours doing mindset work, working on nutrition, and even meditating –and yet you still see yourself falling back into the same maddening patterns that make you feel like food literally rules you. 

Are you sick and tired of all your fear, sadness, and guilt it brings and feel like the big “AH-HA” is out there but you just haven’t found it yet?

Well, you’re not alone – so many people going through my programs are looking for that AH-HA moment! But what they find is many overlooked key insights they were missing to really unlock complete healing.

In fact, I know this from my personal experience and my own healing journey. 

I know your struggles all too well. I understand exactly what you are experiencing right now, because of my own disordered and compulsive behaviors – severe restricting, compulsive overeating, and consistent purging. I went through so much trial and error, saw so many practitioners, and tried what felt like a million things. The conventional treatment protocols failed me in so many ways – both emotionally and physically. In the end, I went on my own quest to find the healing I so desperately needed.

Not only did I overcome my own disordered relationship with food, and reclaim and rebuild my emotional and physical health, but pursued special training to help you identify the physiological triggers and mindset hurdles that keep you trapped in the no-win dieting culture. 

This is what led me to seek additional training in Functional Medicine Nutrition and Eating Psychology, where I was able to cover all the bases by combining both trainings. Now I have created a truly comprehensive approach toward Disordered Eating Recovery.

As an in-demand educator and go-to expert in all aspects of healing, I am on a mission to help as many people as possible through my practice, The Freedom Promise. – I continue to share my insights on how genetics, story, and biology impact your psychology and your relationship to food, your body and your well-being as a frequent guest on leading podcasts and online summits

So many of you have shared that you’re confused and fearful of what the messaging out there says about your bodies and what food will do to you. It’s no wonder you continue to numb yourself with food and lose yourself to beliefs and behaviors that start out as a means to feel safe, protected, and soothed.

You’re losing valuable time obsessing over food, starving yourselves, or binging on food that can wreck a body that is already nutrient-deprived.

The thing is, you already know in your heart and in your gut that something is off! This is not how you want to continue to live your life… but you just don’t know where to turn.

On top of that, you’re dealing with a huge to-do list, goals you want to achieve, and relationships that need more of your attention – all while you just can’t stop thinking about food. You may feel like you have a dirty little secret that plagues you.

But the truth is… it’s not your fault…!

A dysfunctional and disordered relationship with food, and what we believe about our bodies, is formed early on, through some kind of emotional, psychological or even physical trauma. It could be big or small, just one event or a series of events that hit us hard. It could be a callous remark from a loved one, growing up in a chaotic environment, or with a restrictive or judgmental parent, or being teased incessantly at school, or the trauma caused by physical harm.

But I’d like to talk about other hidden beliefs that you may not have uncovered yet because you just aren’t aware of them!  These hidden beliefs are like little trap doors on the superhighway to sabotage you and keep you in a disordered eating cycle, one that is guided by misinformation driven by mis-guided beliefs.

On top of that, you may be dealing with feelings of despair, low energy, low moods, and brain fog. Maybe you think you are “emotional” or “highly sensitive”, but there is a second saboteur at play here!  It’s the biological fall-out of your behavior with food that also keeps you feeling drained in the cycle!

This fall-out impacts your physiology and creates imbalances throughout your body from gut to brain health.  If your gut and brain aren’t functioning optimally, it’s no wonder you aren’t feeling positive and strong! 

Many of you don’t realize that these biological imbalances hugely impact your mental state and your ability to feel confident and truly joyful. 

Treating your body while addressing compulsive or mindset imbalances is often missing from many disordered eating recovery programs. After all, if your body is nutrient-deficient, if you have a gut infection that is making your brain go haywire, if you’re eating food you’re sensitive to – there’s no way you are going to beat a compulsive drive to eat! The healthiest meal plan may not be addressing your unique gut health, it’s impact on the brain, and how an “all foods fit” diet could be actually feeding your anxiety.

The #1 reason you haven’t been able to conquer your eating challenges is that you haven’t healed ALL of you! Chances are you’ve only been addressing bits and pieces, which means you are never truly balanced.

The secret to unraveling those symptoms is getting the right INFORMATION to understand where you are unknowingly sabotaging yourself, and what you need to do to get yourself back in balance as you discover the most vibrant version of yourself and maybe for the very first time!

Can you imagine how good it would feel… to be finally free of your restrictive eating, the binging and the shame, and how wonderful it will feel to finally live the life you deserve and desire?

To finally release those negative and fear-based feelings around food and just start to feel good about yourself? To finally stop obsessing over food so that you can put more energy into your life’s purpose? 

It is possible, as I have seen with countless numbers of my clients and myself… and this is why I created a deep-dive training to help you free yourself from disordered eating… with transformational insights that unfortunately aren’t common knowledge.

This new program, Beyond food: Conquering the World of Hidden Triggers is an easy to digest, 3-module course that explores WHO you are as an eater with in-depth, advanced information on the interaction of psychology and physiology. 

Module 1: WHY: The Root Cause of Your Challenges with Eating 

You’ll learn…

  • WHY you are struggling and experiencing eating challenges. It’s not at all about the diet – it’s about understanding why your behavior with food reflects what you truly think about yourself!
  • WHY focusing so much attention and energy on food can actually keep you from understanding what you need to do instead
  • WHY your emotional connection with self-worth + self-soothing gets warped and derailed 


Module 2: WHAT Happens In Your Body that Contributes to and is a Result of Your Eating Challenges

You’ll discover…

  • WHAT’S to blame for challenging eating patterns and what role your biology plays.
  • WHAT’S behind the mind, emotions, and biology that are involved in creating a feedback loop that seems impossible to break (but it isn’t).
  • WHAT’S the worst thing to do when you are trapped in the feedback loop (and how to avoid other pitfalls that only leave you feeling more hopeless and discouraged).

Module 3: HOW to Stop the Sabotage and Gain Lasting Freedom from Eating Challenges

Finally Learn…

  • HOW it is possible to stop thinking about and fearing food all the time (when you have the more complete approach)
  • HOW your triggers are unique to you (and why identifying triggers and your unique biological factors are likely the missing pieces)
  • HOW to break patterns that you may have learned in childhood (that are literally hijacking a healthy relationship to food and what to replace them with instead)

I am sure the next thing you’re wondering is… how much?

Well, to make this life-changing information available to as many people as possible, it’s priced very affordably, for just a single payment of $99. $99 gets you the information that so many women are lacking – that is keeping them stuck in the cycle of their behaviors.

When you invest in your body, mind and soul, there is no greater return on investment.

You can have the fully nourished life you deserve.

You can become the master of your healing.

You can create the life you desire.