Is this you?

Are you feeling pressure from outside of yourself, calling on you to be and do like never before?

The pull to self-soothe is strong and challenges with emotional eating, binge eating, and restrictive eating are at an all-time high.

Are these things you experience or say to yourself?

  • I get on the scale every morning. If my weight is going down, I feel pretty good, but it might give the justification to eat more later. If my weight is going up, I start beating myself up first thing. I feel pretty defeated and plan my day around what I’m NOT going to eat.
  •  I’m being called into the office so I finally got out of my pj’s to try on a pair of pants and they aren’t comfortable around my waist.
  •  When I go to bed feeling hungry, it feels good because I believe I’ll wake up and weigh less in the morning.
  •  When I saw her last, my doctor told me all my labs are normal so I can continue my behaviors.
  •  I know binging and purging isn’t good for me but it’s working now so I’m not motivated to change.
  •  I know that restricting isn’t good for me but it’s working now so I’m not motivated to change.
  •  I want to stop this obsession with food but I don’t know where to start, especially now with all the diet chatter on social media.
  •  Every time I tell myself I can stop this madness, I find myself doing it again. Why do I even try to stop?
  •  I don’t have a real plan for what I’m going to eat each day.
  •  I’m going to follow my diet 100% today and get it right.
  •  I will skip breakfast because I ate so much last night.
  •  My eating has gotten better but my exercise is out of control now that I can stream classes all-day
  •  I’m doing better, have been given some tools to recover but under stress, I revert to my unhealthy, disordered behaviors.
  •  My stomach hurts. I haven’t been feeling well.
  •  I don’t have time to make breakfast in the morning because I’m too busy taking care of everyone else.
  •  I don’t like to be the one that says no to myself. I feel like I’m saying “yes” all day long to everyone else.
  •  I want to be alone so I can lose myself in my comfort food.
  •  I have no sense of feeling full.
  •  My hunger scares me because if I give in to it I don’t trust I can stop.
  •  I like the feeling of being overly full, it is comforting. I can finally relax there.
  •  The thought of giving up my favorite foods scares me.
  •  I can stop overeating, but I can’t help my thoughts.
  •  I’m having trouble sleeping.
  •  Before I wouldn’t have ANYTHING in the house that I loved to eat but since the pandemic, I’m still stockpiling food and it’s driving me crazy.
  •  It’s easier to eat the tempting food than struggle with it taunting me all day long.
  • My moods are definitely ruled by what I’ve eaten.
  • I wake up each morning vowing that “today is going to be different”… I’m not going to overeat/restrict today.


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