If you’ve been reading my newsletters, listening to my many podcast appearances or engaging on Zoom, you know my ultimate goal for you is to learn to listen to the beautiful wisdom of your body. Doing so is the one thing you can do everyday to take responsibility for what you need in an effort to feel vibrant, and bring your best self to the table, the feast that is your life.

Are you listening or are you ignoring the messages thinking that they’re simply a function of aging, monthly hormonal changes, or daily stress? Are you pushing yourself? Not sleeping? Relying on high-sugar foods and caffeinated beverages to “pick you up”? Are you finding your daily relaxation in a bottle of wine? 


Resistant weight management is not normal. Exhaustion is not normal. Living in pain every day is not normal. Chronic digestive issues are not normal. Sleep disruption is not normal. Anxiety is not normal. Restricting food is not normal. Eating in an effort to numb and distract is not normal.

These symptoms are warning signs that one or more of the systems that make up your body need some intervention. This is your body communicating and asking you to listen. So many of you have shared about the time, money and energy you’ve invested to find the quick – fix. Together we’ve concluded that if there was one, you would have found it. 


We have become so reliant on outside advice that we’ve lost the ability to access the wisdom of the best nutrition and health consultants – ourselves. I love experts, I put myself out there as an expert, and I am happy to see every one of us questioned, doubted and challenged. Many experts tend to read their own experience and translate it on to your body. They erroneously believe that if a specific diet works for them, it must therefore work for every one else. This is as unscientific an approach as one could imagine, yet it masquerades as intelligent. 


Only you are the expert of your own experience.


Yes, there are plenty of general nutrition rules that apply to huge subsets of people. But for me, the truth lies in the fact that nutrition and health cannot be a one-size-fits-all business. Rather, it’s an amazing field where biology, chemistry, lifestyle, and the inner workings of our story converge in a unique way for each individual. 


Start believing in your own wisdom, experience and insights. This is where you get to make empowered choices regarding nutrition and lifestyle choices. It’s these choices that will bring long-term and sustainable results. 

This is how you become a master of your own healing.