Lasting recovery is so elusive for so many because to properly recover from disordered eating, you can’t just deal with food. You have to go way deeper. It requires a multi-level approach, and most recovery programs are missing key pieces.

Chances are, your current treatment program is merely scratching the surface when it comes to treatment. Most likely, they’re giving you tools to manage your weight and deal with feelings and behavior only. They don’t help with what your specific body needs, like individual nutrition, addressing gut imbalances, and other physiological imbalances that can trigger your disorder. 

Many of these treatment plans also follow old-fashioned nutritional advice, which is wrong. A lot of these programs also are based on very old nutritional science: Eat less, exercise more. Eat more, exercise less. Count calories and include all food groups. 

You’re told what you should weigh, what you should feel, and what you should eat. Is anyone asking you what you’re truly hungry for? What are you craving? Is anyone exploring what your body is doing with the food you’re eating? In my coaching practice, I follow a more integrative approach that uses the current nutritional science paired with a deeper understanding of gut microbiome health, and how your biology impacts disordered eating. 

What I’ve learned from my training and functional nutrition, and from years of working with clients is that there is a unique relationship between food and your biology. And everyone is different, apart from nutritional science and how it can upgrade your health. Go deep on all the other lifestyle factors that impact recovery – such as how you sleep, how you move, how your relationships are, what makes you feel stuck. And do them all in a safe and empathetic environment.

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