Did you ever think that it’s your all-foods-fit diet that’s feeding your anxiety about your recovery from disordered eating? The conventional recovery approach believes that in order to be fully recovered, you need to be willing to eat everything. This is dead wrong.

Here’s why– it doesn’t address your biology. What if you’re bloated, tired, and constipated? What if you’re having brain fog and mood swings? Are you being told by your treatment team that it’s all in your head? It’s crazy.

After all, even people who don’t struggle with eating disorders or even a disordered relationship with food find that certain foods don’t agree with them. There are foods that cause bloating, gas, reflux, irregularities, skin issues, blood sugar, irregularities, and even mood changes.

Besides of not addressing what’s going on in your gut, this practice is putting thoughts in your head that are counterproductive, demoralizing, and disempowering. Frankly, it’s setting you up to adopt another set of food rules that will inevitably fail you.

It’s preventing you from connecting to and trusting the brilliant wisdom of your body. Wisdom that is telling you the discomfort you feel is not all in your head. How can it make sense that a practice like this will end the fear and confusion you’re feeling with respect to fearing what food will do to your body?

Even if those symptoms are a function of your disordered relationship with food. You can learn to trust your symptoms. You can learn to trust your hunger and your body’s wisdom. Trusting those symptoms will lead you on the path to exploring what you like and what your body likes.

Exploring means getting functional lab testing to look for sensitivities, allergies, blood sugar, and hormonal issues that can be reversed with a nutritional and lifestyle protocol that addresses your unique biology.

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