Here we are -approaching mid-January. 

Are you continuing to stay committed to the goals you set for yourself as the New Year began? 

Were your goals to adopt a healthier diet? Lose those pounds that crept on while working from home? Commit to being more active? Improving your nighttime routine so you get deeper and more restful sleep? Drink less wine and more water?

Maybe your goals were to be more aligned with the Universe…you started a meditation practice in an effort to become more grounded and mindful. 

What all these intentions have in common is that they ask you to change. Change can be daunting in that it requires letting go of what is most familiar. That which is familiar is not only safe but when we are talking about behaviors put into place as a way to cope with triggering situations, we often face resistance to change even if we know those behaviors are creating negative consequences with regard to our health and emotional well-being. Most often, the resistance is subconscious because the reward from the behavior (self-soothing) is so very powerful.

In order to create long-term, sustainable change, it is important that we embody the behavior we want to adopt. I am referring to becoming the change we want to see. 

  • We start by clearing the clutter created by toxic beliefs we carry, an emotional detox of sorts. 
  • We do that by learning to listen to the wisdom of our bodies – paying close attention to what we are hungry for. 
  • We do that by silencing the voice of negative-self talk, understanding there may be some undigested issues standing in the way of our ability to let go and lighten up. 
  • We do that by cultivating the voice of loving and compassionate reason. 
  • We do that by understanding that what we eat is only half the story of good health. The other half is who we are as eaters and what our bodies are doing with what we’re feeding it. 

You have a unique physiology that is crafted by genetics, history and a complex system that makes up your microbiome – the bio-terrain that is the foundation for much of your well-being.

You know how to diet. I’m here to tell you that you can lose the fear and confusion surrounding how to eat. Change need not be difficult when you realize it’s more about letting go.  It is a process that happens bit by bit. You can BE the change you want to see. 

Shifting from “fearing what food will do to you” really begins the moment you decide that you want freedom and empowered choice….more than you want to be thinner; more than you want your body to look a certain way.

There will no doubt be triggers towards restrictive thoughts and compulsive behaviors along the way; there will no doubt be struggles with body-image, pulls towards diet-culture, and a desire to control; but when you decide that your mental health is more valuable than trying to control your food and body at all costs; when you prioritize your mental health and well-being over whatever rationalization for dieting that your fear-brains have come up with that day, that’s when you can finally do honest, effective work towards healing your relationship with food and your body—that’s when you’re really on your way.  

I know of what I write – I have been where you are – caught up in the abyss – the ambivalence of wanting to go forward, putting my foot on the gas, but keeping one foot on the brake to maintain control….

Every moment that we make a choice to put our wellness first—over our compulsive desire to control—is a moment that we stand for and move towards our own liberation. 

Remember – Eating Disorders are not a choice; restricting is not a choice, binging is not a choice; purging isn’t one either, BUT you can choose healing…you can choose RECOVERY. 

You need not continue to put yourself last – you can choose what’s best for YOU in every moment. The moments you choose YOU add up and are worth celebrating…YOU are worth celebrating.

Can you make this about digging deep and honoring your intention to step into the best version of yourself?

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In these early days of a new year, I find myself reflecting on my own, as well as your very special journey to wellness and a fully nourished life. I’m so very grateful and looking forward to inspiring you and being inspired by you to BE THE CHANGE.